If you are planning to buy a new smartphone then the Vivo V21 is surely one of the options which must be on top of your choices. The new model . vivo v21 offers an impressive and stylish look, V 21 comes with a color to match every mood. The new Vivo smartphone image is only for example purpose only. The phone can also be customized with various software applications such as Vigo Rooms, SMS, Email, MMS, and so on.

There are plenty of high quality phones in the market but there is nothing like having a handset which is both sleek and stylish and the Vivo V21 fits in nicely at the junction of these two characteristics. The phone comes with many attractive and user friendly features that not only make it an all round excellent smartphone but also an ultimate fashion conscious phone. The Vivo V21 is a perfect device for those who want to carry their life on their sleeve. The multimedia rich mobile offers various features that includes high-speed internet access, vivid LCD screen, amazing camera, 4.2 inch HD display, Android operating system, great music player, quick launch bar, Bluetooth facility, fast charging facility, and high resolution camera.

The Vivo V21 has a unique feature known as Selfie. With the help of this stunning feature, you can get your picture taken in an amazing manner. This high definition camera allows you to change the mode from shutter speed to slow light, enable the effect and take a photo without the need of focusing the camera. The selfies you take can be captured in one or two clicks depending on the mode selected. You can also use the rear camera and upload the image to Facebook right from the Vivo V 21.

There are plenty of impressive and innovative features packed into this stunning smartphone. If you are looking for an ideal smartphone that provides a blend of functionality, convenience, style, and value, then the Vivo V21 should be considered as your dream smartphone. This innovative mobile phone has excellent camera functions that allow you to click pictures with great clarity. This is one of the few handsets that allows you to shoot videos in high definition resolutions too.

The device runs on the advanced dual-core Mediatek dim density 800u processor that offers high speed performance. Other impressive features like the front camera, touch screen, and fast network connection completes this wonderful device. This is one of the first mobiles that integrates the camera and video capturing facility. You can record videos using the rear or front camera and can instantly upload them on to your preferred social networking site. The connectivity options provided by the Vivo V21 are exemplary. It supports GSM/GPRS, WiFi, EDGE, USB, 3G, HSDPA, and Bluetooth.

The OIS Night Selfie Camera is another exceptional smartphone from the manufacturer. The device has a very powerful camera that is capable of great picture quality even in low light conditions. To take such quality selfies, the OIS Night Selfie Camera uses image sensor to detect the movement in front of the lens and thus captures the snapshot automatically. This makes it easy for you to take a fantastic picture of your friends and family without much difficulty.

The Vivo V21 is the perfect smartphone for those who love taking pictures. The device comes loaded with so many advanced tools to help you capture the special moments of your life. The OIS Night Selfie Camera can capture a lot of details including a person’s face, a landscape, and even an animal in the wild. With the help of the front-facing camera, you can also take a photograph of people close to you. In addition, you can also use the rear camera to shoot panoramic shots across your yard or garden.

A good thing about the Vivo V21 is that it is available at a competitive price. This is due to the fact that this handset is manufactured by a well-known company in the industry. The OIS night camera comes with two modes which include the regular mode which allows you to take a normal photograph and the picture of the person in front of you which will be shown on the screen. In this mode, the image sensor of the smartphone will take a picture every time the camera is moved in one direction or another. You can also switch between the two modes. If you have taken several photographs using the OIS night camera, the software can organize them according to specific categories and you can choose the best picture as the wallpaper for your phone.

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